Questions & Answers

Q What is your email address and phone number?
A 1-205-622-3062
Q What is your website address?
Q After I send my order will I receive a total?
A Yes, we will send you a total by email or you may call customer service at 205-622-3062. If you have not received your invoice via email in 24 hours call 1-205-622-3062
Q What method of payment do you accept?
A We take Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, C.O.D., Cashier Check or Money Orders. C.O.D.
are for preferred customers only. Preferred customers are schools and cities orders
Q What method of shipping do you use?
A We ship by UPS and USPS. Please visit the Shipping page for more details.
Q If I have a UPS account can you ship under my account?
A Yes, we will need your UPS account number when you place the order.
Q What are shipping rates?
A Go to the Shipping Page for detailed pricing.
Q What should I do when I receive my package and my merchandise in damaged?
A All packages MUST be inspected the day of delivery. You MUST contact us with in 24 hours after receiving your package by email or phone. Do not leave numerous voice mails or email as this will slow down your process. If you leave a voice mail do not leave an email as this will cause delays in your processing. All claims on damage merchandise has a grace period and if you do not contact Wholesale Crowns with in 24 hours to file the claim NO refund or exchange will be granted. You must take photos of your damaged merchandise along with packing material, boxes and shipping label. These photos must be emailed to with in the 24 hour time frame. THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED!
Q How long after I email my order does it take for someone to email or call me that
my order was received?
A Normally during business hours right away. During non-business hours within 24-48
hours. Also depends on the amount of orders we are processing through or during
peak season.Always email or call within 24 hours if you have not received a response.
(note yahoo users does take longer for us to receive your order)
Q Will I receive a tracking number?
A We try to get all tracking numbers emailed out before the end of the business day. If
you have not received your tracking number by 4pm email or call us.
Q How are shipping charges based for trophies?
A Trophies are based on weight. Pricing varies due to the size and weight of the box.
Q What are your business hours?
A 9-4 pm Mon. - Thurs.
Q What is your phone number?
A 205-622-3062
Q What is your business office mailing address?
A 4782 Kings Mill Road Oakman, Al 35579
Q What is location of the warehouse?
A 7200 Oakman/Parrish Road Oakman, Alabama.
Q When will my order be processed?
A Once the order and payment is received.
Q Do the trophies come with engraving?
A Yes, all trophy prices include the engraving.
Q I want to get a quote on a custom crown how do I do this?
A You will need to send us an email with a photo or drawing, size, quantity, color, and
wording if any. You will receive a quote within 3 business days.  12 pieces per size
Q If an item is out of stock how long before it restocks?
A 6-8 weeks
Q How do I know how long it will take for my order to deliver?
A Ask for a tracking number and visit the shipping page to find your time in transit. Also all orders upon shipping will receive a tracking number by UPS via email. Please check you spam as well.
Q How do I track my package?
A Go to and enter your tracking number.
Q Do I pay sales tax?
A Only if you are in the state of Alabama.
Q Do you ship outside the US?
A Yes, you are responsible for taxes and duties.
Q What if I receive my order but no longer need them?
A We do not restock items.  Sorry
Q What are shipping charges?
A Visit the shipping page for details.
Q If I pay a $20 rush fee does this mean I get my package faster?
A No, please understand that all of our products are custom made to order.  Each order is special to our customer and special to us. Custom made orders naturally take time to produce so we ask that you provide us with
adequate time to prepare your order, however should you find that you are in a
situation that you need an item faster we are still here to help! The rush fee is a
convenience we offer for a nominal fee because this means our hard working employees
have to work extra hours to get your order out in time for your event, and still spend
the time that you, as our valued customer deserve preparing that order.  
A rush fee does not mean your order will be shipped express delivery or that you
will receive them the next day. We do offer expedited shipping as well as other
shipping options but please keep in mind we do not control shipping costs.
Q Can I place an order by phone?
A NO, we are online only.  If you have a question about a item we will be more than glad
to answer any question you might have.
Q My total does not match your total what could be wrong?
A We could have made a clerical error.Make sure to call if you think the total is
not correct. Make sure to add shipping, taxes and insurance.
Q Can I order a stock crown in color or a different size?
Yes, some items may take 3-5 business days for a price quote. 
Please fill out to order for pre orders for invoicing. 
Contact Number:
Method of Payment
Event Date:
Deposit 25% Down

Q Is there refunds for delays in shipping and items not arriving on time? 





No, Wholesale Crowns is not responsible for delays due to inclement weather or delays
within UPS System. We can not control mother nature nor help with any breakdown that service trucks may inquire during delivery. Your shipping will not be refunded.  

Is there refunds on any custom made items after deposit is made, after paid in
full or receipt of items?  (example:  custom sashes, trophies, or crowns)

No there is no refund, because we are unable to resell custom items

How does the price match work?
We only price match US companies. We do not price match if another US company
is offering a discount such as percent off. The price match is for the standard price
Do you offer refunds on shipping?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on shipping for any reason.

How do I know the true color of the sashes when I order?
If you are not sure about a color we can email you the color you are inquiring about.
The material used for National Sashes, Standard Embroidery, Deluxe and Economy Banners are not the same.